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Important! – MEMCM enabling BitLocker during OSD post 2103

I have always liked Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring(MABM) as it provides us with additional functionality compared to saving the BitLocker recovery key in Active Directory. MBAM brings us for example:– Protection against accidental deletion of AD computer object (Separate DB)– Key rotation– Self-Service– Role based access to Recovery Keys– Compliance reporting – Escrowing TPM

Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager 1911 TP is released

Today during Ignite 2019 Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager 1911 Technical Preview was released. The first Configuration Manager release where everything is re-branded from System Center to Microsoft Endpoint. The re-branding makes prefect sense, Configuration Manager has always walked it’s own way in the System Center family, different release cadence, different version name and so on.

TSBackground for ConfigMgr

Do not miss this eye candy, TSBackground for ConfigMgr, that also adds security to your deployments. We are all familiar with the ConfigMgr standard TSProgresUI, which makes a great job but perhaps is not so aesthetically appealing. TSBackground is the successor of “OSDBackground” that we published a couple of years ago. This new version addresses