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Windows Servicing in the work from anywhere era using IPUInstaller

During the Nordic Virtual Summit me and Ronni Pedersen did a session on “Windows Servicing in the work from anywhere era”, great event, great fun! Nordic Virtual Summit – A virtual IT Pro Community Event! During that session we demoed a new community tool or actually two community tools from my colleague Johan Schrewelius. DeploymentScheduler

BitLocker Administration Service in MEMCM

Starting in ConfigMgr Current branch 1910 integrated BitLocker management (MBAM) is supported. This is all well and fine except one detail; it does not include the Administration Service Endpoint available in MBAM standalone. This endpoint is, most cases, crucial if you are using any kind of automation, management system, custom helpdesk tool or such. This

Deploy Adobe Flash Removal update KB4577586 using MEMCM

Support for Adobe Flash is going away on the 31st of December 2020 as announced by Adobe back in 2017, In October 27th Microsoft released an update that will remove Adobe Flash Player, which is a good thing, need to make sure it is removed as it is no longer supported = big