Author: Jörgen Nilsson

Customize default Windows 11 Start Menu using Intune

Now the time has come to look at customizing the default Windows 11 Start Menu. Customizing the Start Menu using Intune is simple and works great by using the new CSP “ConfigureStartPins”. More information can be found here: on-premise there is no support for using the same feature either with PowerShell or Group Policy, however

Important! – MEMCM enabling BitLocker during OSD post 2103

I have always liked Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring(MABM) as it provides us with additional functionality compared to saving the BitLocker recovery key in Active Directory. MBAM brings us for example:– Protection against accidental deletion of AD computer object (Separate DB)– Key rotation– Self-Service– Role based access to Recovery Keys– Compliance reporting – Escrowing TPM