SCUG.SE Online Workplace days 6-7 October 2020

SCUG.SE welcomes you to two afternoons packed with Workplace management goodness! We normally host two physical events in Stockholm every year, but with the Covid-19 situation that is not possible. So instead we are doing it online using Teams.
We did a poll in our Swedish user group about the format and the winning format was to host the event over two afternoons instead of a whole day event. The community has spoken so that is what we are planning.
For this Online event in October we have a great lineup of speakers and sessions! All sessions will be presented in English
We welcome:

Sandy Zeng, MVP@Sandy_Tsang

Thomas Kurth, MVP@ThomasKurth_CH

Nickolaj Andersen, MVP@NickolajA

Ronny de Jong, MVP@Ronnydejong

Stefan Schörling, MVP@stefanSchorling

Jörgen Nilsson, MVP@ccmexec

Jan Ketil Skanke, MVP@jankeskanke

Gerry Hampson, MVP@GerryHampson

Per Larsen, Microsoft@PerLarsen1975

We still have two slots open; we will announce them soon.

Agenda 6/10:

Agenda 7/10:

Registration is free with an option to sponsor our User Groups if you like.
We will email the event link a couple of days before the event to all registered attendees.

Hope to see you there.

Jörgen & Stefan


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