Roam Microsoft Teams custom backgrounds with UE-V

Custom backgrounds in Microsoft Teams is a really great feature, I love it! Use it all the time!

I got a question if users can roam their custom backgrounds somehow between machines and of course User Experience Virtualization(UE-V) comes to the rescue. If UE-V is already used and configured on the computers it is really simple, either we add a “teams.xml” file with the configuration needed to the Templates folder or register it using PowerShell for example
“Register-UevTemplate -Path C:\Temp\teams.xml”

When adding a custom teams background using the + Add new option in teams.

The custom file you add are copied to C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME_HERE\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams\Backgrounds\Uploads or %Appdata%\Microsoft\Teams\Backgrounds\Uploads

The following UE-V template will take all the files in the above folder and roam them between the users differnet computers.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<SettingsLocationTemplate xmlns="">
  <Name>MS Teams</Name>
      <Path Recursive="true">Microsoft\Teams\Backgrounds\Uploads</Path>

The file can also be downloaded from GitHub here:

After importing the template file we can verify that it works on two different machines or by looking in the settingspackages for my user where we can see the Teams-Background folder is created and contains data.

UE-V is a great feature still not being adopted enough by companies, as we can give the end-users an amazing experience roaming settings for applications both using on-premise or OneDrive for example. Google Chrome is a great example usage as well that is really appreciated which I blogged about a while back.


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