MEMCM App Groups – reverse uninstall order TP 2001.2

I wrote a blog post on App groups in MEMCM 1910 which is a really great feature. In that blog post I covered uninstall and the fact that the uninstall was made in the same order as the install, which I for one never uses.
I also added a link to a user voice item to change the uninstall order to reverse or even better be able to control it. That user voice was recently updated to “Started” and a comment from Djam that it was in MEMCM 2001.2 and sure it is!

Let’s have a look at it. I have created the simplest app group in the world with 7-Zip and Orca.

I deployed it as available to my test devices in MEMCM 2002 Technical Preview.

And during installation it installs in the expected order 7-Zip then Orca as shown below.

And when we uninstall it we can now see that the uninstall order is the reversed which is really awesome!

Another thing that changed as well is that we can now deploy an App Group with the intent of Uninstall/Required which wasn’t possible before! Uninstall was only available for available deployments.

If you ever doubted that user voice works here is the proof! Let’s hope all the features makes into the next CB release, I for one will start using it!

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