Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager 1911 TP is released

Today during Ignite 2019 Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager 1911 Technical Preview was released. The first Configuration Manager release where everything is re-branded from System Center to Microsoft Endpoint. The re-branding makes prefect sense, Configuration Manager has always walked it’s own way in the System Center family, different release cadence, different version name and so on.
Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager teams up with Intune even closer now that they are in the same product family which makes perfect sense. They are better together if you have Configuration Manager installed today and this hopefully also ends the discussion about if Configuration Manager is going away..

The answer to that question is once and for all NO! bye bye System Center Configuration Manager you have been a good friend and welcome Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager and the whole family in Microsoft Endpoint Manager! Looking forward to great times together in the future!

What about the Technical Preview 1911 release then, well really no big new features but… It is re-branded to Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager everywhere. First up is the actual dialog for the Admin Console upgrade.

The Technical Preview scenarios are section is also renamed.

The about dialog is also updated.

What about new features then? DOINC is renamed to “Microsoft Connected Cache Server” and supports Intune Win32app content as well. This i BIG news for all of us who are moving some client types to be Intune managed, then we can still use the investment made in Configuration Manager infrastructure for the Modern Managed clients. Great!

Now back to preparing demos for MMS Jazz edition 😀

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