Windows 10 Lock screen watermark application

My colleague, Johan Schrewelius has done it again! Windows 10 Lock Screen Watermark application. I demoed this at MMS in Minnesota earlier this year as a sneak peak, now it is live!

It is simple and great, it displays a picture on top of the logon and lockscreen.

The application itself is transparent and requires DotNet 4.6.2 or higher.

In this example we show an informational picture advising how to retrieve a new password, but the application can show any .png or .jpg within reasonable size and also mimic a simple slide show by rotating a series of pictures. See some samples below to show both logon screen and lock screen.

How does it work then?

LSWatermark.exe is installed at the following location:


The application is launched by a Scheduled Task when any of the following events occur:

#1: System Start

#2: Session logoff

#3: Session lock

The application closes itself when any of the following is detected:

#1: Session logon

#2: Session unlock

Really simple no config needed.


Windows 10 Lock Screen watermark application is a single .MSI which will install the application and copy the images needed either from the installation folder or a share.

The “Images” folder should always contain a minimum of one png/jpg file or language specific subfolders, each with at least one file.

In other words; if you only support one language you can put you image(s) directly in the images root folder. If you must support multiple languages, you will have to create subfolder like:

The .msi accept five (5) properties:

Property Explanation Default
SIZE The height of the picture in percentage of screen height 35
IMAGEDURATION How long (seconds) a picture should be shown before switching to the next 30
TOPPOSITION Distance (percentage) from top 2
LEFTPOSITION Distance (percentage) from left 2
REMOTEIMAGEFOLDER Shared folder for images (\\\images$)   

Example Command Line: msiexec /I “LSWatermark 1.0.19180.02.msi” SIZE=45 IMAGEDURATION=60 REMOTEIMAGEFOLDER=”\\\images$” /qn

If you want to download the pictures from a share during installation the sample .MST file can be used as it maybe easier than supplying multiple properties during installation.

The pictures will be loaded and shown in alphabetical order. If a language folder is missing the root images will serve as fallback. In the download there are a complete manual which includes more details. And yes, it works on modern managed computers as well of course where personal is even more important.

Onevinn – Applications (

Happy lockscreening 😊


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