New cool features in SCCM 1908.2 Technical Preview

I love testing out new features in Configuration Manager Technical Previews, always some great stuff in there. This time it is 1908.2 which contains some cool feature that I hope make it to 1910. I just had to write a short post with my testing so far.

Teams integration in the Console Connections node.

We can now right-click on a connection and select “Message Administrator”

Prereqs from the Docs:

  • The Administration Service must be enabled for the Last Console Heartbeat to function.
  • For messaging administrators, the account you want to message needs to have been discovered with Azure AD or AD User Discovery.

It works really well and I can see that this will be really useful. Teams needs to be installed as well of course.

Set Default Keyboard layout in Windows, setting in the Apply Windows Image step, a great addition. However, I really need System Locale, System Language, user Locale etc. as well for it to be useful and replace what we do today many of our OS Deployment solution.

Multicast Support, has also got a lot of love in this release. It no longer requires WDS as it did before and It can also receive multicast content in the full OS, it’s not limited to only Windows PE. That is big news! If we look at a package for example the text that it only works in WinPE is gone.

CMPivot improvements, more processing has been moved from the server to the client making CMPivot even more powerful in the queries we can do. Who would have thought this 2 Years ago, amazing!

For the whole list of improvements check out the official docs.

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