Install CM Remote Tools standalone using PowerShell

From time to time I get the question to install the CM Remote Tools standalone. I wrote a blog post about how to run it standalone a couple of years ago. In that blog post a comment on how to add a registry key normally added by the Admin console setup will make the audit logging to Configuration Manager work.
I wrote a simple PowerShell script to install the CM Remote Tools standalone, add a shortcut to the Start Menu and set the registry key.

As the registry key we add make sure the Status Messages are sent to the Site so we can use Status Message queries to see who remote control what machine and when as displayed below.

Start with copying the files we need for Configuration Manager Remote Tools from a computer with SCCM Admin Console installed. They are located here on a computer with the Admin Console installed “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\bin\i386”
the files are:

The Install.ps1 and uninstall.ps1 scripts can be downloaded from here:

Add the two scripts to the folder so we have this content in a folder we can use as package source for our application/package. I use the English version you can of course modify the script and add the language folders you want to use.

Deploying it either using an application or a package/program. I recommend using file version as the detection method as we need to create a new application for every Configuration Manager release where the Remote Tools are updated. It could look like this.

I hope you found it useful!


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