New Remote Control option “First Screen” in ConfigMgr 1902 TP

One great improvement in Configuration Manager 1902 Technical Preview is the possibility to select to only view the first monitor and not all monitors when the machine you are remote controlling has more than one. This is a big issue today best solved by have a bigger screens than the end users.

This is how it looks if I Remote Control a computer with multiple screens today, a challenge if you don’t have a really big screen.

And this is how it looks after the new settings is turned on to only show First Screen. Wow!! Works great!

The new setting to only remote control the first screen requires a restart of the Remote Control client. I like to run the remote tool standalone which I wrote a blog post on how to do a while back.

The new setting is written in the current users registry and can be imported so it only uses the first screen using this registry settings as the default setting.

Importing a .reg file with the following content will make it default to the First screen only even if used standalone and no need to restart.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\ConfigMgr10\Remote Control]

A great new feature in Configuration Manager 1902 TP let’s hope it ships in Configuration Manager 1902.


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