HP Smart W10 store app – solves a classic issue

One of the biggest challenges and discussion points when it comes to removing the local admin permissions from users is that they cannot add multi-function printers without admin permissions as they need to install additional software to work.

I bought a new OfficeJet printer the other day and was happily surprised that the HP Smart app in the Windows 10 store solves all these issues. I have tested on modern managed machines where the user is not local admin and the HP Smart app solves, setup of the printer, Scan to computer it is great. No more local admin discussion! Yes it is only for HP Printers but other vendors hopefully have something similar.

The printer driver itself comes down from Microsoft Updates, perfect and the HP Smart app from the store. Yes it is available for the Private store I have added it to mine. So it should work for domain joined traditional managed computers as well if drivers are allowed to be installed from Microsoft Update.

It doesn’t matter if I install the app first or add the device first, both works.

It only works for HP but still a great start, I tested it with a 4-year old printer as well works great! Of course some advanced usage requires the full driver but this should be enough in most cases!

Approve the HP Smart app in your business store today!!

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