Windows 10 Upgrade/Servicing tools demoed at MMS 2018

My colleague Johan Schrewelius has put together a Windows 10 Upgrade Tools kit that is available for downloaded here: Onevinn – Applications (
It contains two tools to assist with the upgrade to Windows 10 and Servicing of Windows 10.

TSLaunch which is run as a Package/Program and is used to do pre-flight checks and kick of a UI for the end user. In that UI the end-users can select to install Windows 10 now or Schedule it for a later date.

It also can perform many pre-flight checks all are configurable, for example:

  • Include a Company logo
  • Check if the computer is in presentation mode
  • Check if it is running on battery
  • Check if it has a wired connection
  • Verify that the OS Image is already present in the CCMCache (TS Pre-download content)
  • Check if the computer is connected via VPN
  • Log off the user when the upgrade starts
  • Launch UPBackground
  • Multi Language Support
  • Log to a file share
  • And much more…. (It is covered in the documentation included in the download)

All configuration can be done in the configuration .xml file.

UPBackground which is launched as a service once it is installed (MSI), and it is placed on top of the desktop, so the end-user sees a screen that looks like the Windows 10 Upgrade process. The text is configurable and MUI aware as well. As it runs a Service it will launch after reboots as well and then stop the user from login on, so they don’t mess up the upgrade.

We use the same solution as in OSDBackground so if you right-click the upper-left corner it will prompt you for a password, so you can troubleshoot if needed. If the task sequence engine fails to start for instance after a reboot the UPBackground will catch that and then timeout and terminate and uninstall itself.

Here is a short video of how a Windows 10 upgrade could look like for the end-user when using these tools together.

I hope you find it just as useful as we do!


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