Phased deployment in Configuration Manager 1801 Technical Preview

Configuration Manager 1801 Technical preview contains some really cool features. The biggest one is defiantly the Phased Deployment option that we see the first version of. It basically adds a new deployment option to Task Sequences (I just assume it will be for applications in the future as well) called Phased deployment. It is similar to the Automatic Client Upgrade, you set a Pilot Collection and a Production Collection.

In the phased deployment option we can set what success rate a deployment must reach before it is automatically approved to the Production collection. The docs talk about an option to do this manually but I cannot see it in the Technical Pilot for now at least. Let’s hope a lot of more options will arrive to this great new feature.
We can also set Stop criteria if the deployment reaches an threshold of failed deployments.

Many use scripted solutions or manual solutions to solve the same scenario. I recorded an animated .Gif with the options we have today so you can see how it looks in the Technical Preview.

And as always provide feedback on what more options you want to see for this new feature!! Looking forward to see this in the next CB release (I hope!!)



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