New Windows 10 Group Policies in Windows 10 1703

Windows 10 1703 is here! And is has some great new features as always, we are still waiting for the official .ADMX files and the documentation on what GPO’s are new and have changed. Some are changed like the Credential Guard setting where we have more options. I did a quick comparision so there are more I am sure, some are renamed some are moved so it is hard to put together. The components with most new settings are Microsoft Edge, Delivery Optimization and Windows Update.

Microsoft Edge have taken huge steps and is working great. The feature that will please out customers the most are the fact that we can synchronize Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer favorites! Simple, small feature that will increase the adoption of Microsoft Edge. Setting a custom Start page that the users an change is great news as well.
Edge IE Sync

Here are the list on new GPO settings that my little investigation found, I am sure I missed some of them. Didn’t include changed ones like credential Guard improvements for instance. But it could be useful until we get the official documentation.
Windows 1703 New GPOs
And here it is in Excel which could make sense. Windows 10 1703 new GPOs


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