UE-V Windows 10 1607 Powershell and UE-V Template share

To follow up on my post earlier this week about how to enable UE-V during OSD and get it to sync Internet Explorer favorites I will cover UE-V templates Powershell and a template share.
In UE-V we can define a central template share where we can drop a UE-V template and the clients will automatically pick it up. New in Windows 10 1607 is that we also must register even the builtin templates so if we just enable UE-V no templates are imported. In UE-V 1607 the builtin templates are placed in C:\Programdata\Microsoft\uev\InboxTemplates. We can register them with a Powershell script during OS deployment for instance.

In this example I will register all of the templates in the inbox templates which I don’t think you should. I will get 35 templates in my Templates folder that contains registered templates after they are imported.Template 1

And everything works just fine.

If I then specify a central template share and then restart the computer… I am left with only 26 + the Google Chrome one from my template share. The rest is removed.


Conclusion: When using UE-V register all templates during OS deployment that you want to make sure that they are used the first time the user logs on and add all the Office related templates to a template share if a template share is used, otherwise they are unregistered after the first reboot.


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