New version of OSDBackground published with support for a specific background on error

I wrote a blog post a while ago on a tool my college Johan Schrewelius has published which sets the OSDbackground during OSD and gives us the possibility to troubelshoot without F8 support enabled which should be avoided. An update of OSDBackground is now published with som bug fixes like:

1. Added Management Point to Wallpaper.

2. Made “ComputerNameVariable” Case Unsensitive.

3. Masked sensitive TS Variables in Debug mode.

4. Added support for Error background.

5. Moved background pictures to sub folder

The error background is a great addition, using this we use OSDBackground with a specific background when a Task Sequence fails and then we can access a Command Prompt or Cmtrace without F8 support enabled. We need to have a section in our Task Sequence with steps that are executed when a TS fails, I will write a post on that later this week. Configuring the “SMSTSErrorDialogTimeOut” variable to for example 28’800 =8 hours is a good idea so we have time to catch the computer with the error still present.


Adding a step to our TS failed section like this:

OSDBackground Error

Then we get the following dialog when the Task Sequence fails.


OSDBackground can be downloaded here Onevinn – Applications (


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