Web Service for OS Deployment – SCCM, Configuration Manager Current Branch

There are a couple of OS deployment webservices out there like the legendary one from Maik Koster that is great (Should be built-in the product!) We have been using and developing our own OSD webservice at Onevinn which we used a couple of years now. It has been developed by my college Johan Schrewelius who have done a marvelous job with it!!

We have been planning to share this for a long time but never found the time to complete it, at today’s System Center User Group Sweden – Client day at Microsoft in Sweden we thought it was time!

It can be downloaded here with complete documentation as well: Onevinn – Applications (schrewelius.it)

It contains the following features which can be used once installed.


One reason to why we started doing this is for instance the need to delete Primary users during OS deployment during OSD so that it can be set once again during OS deployment but the history is removed.

The installation is a simple setup that you run on the server.


Configure the service account to be used.


To make it easy to use there are sample scripts included as well which can easily be used in a Task Sequence.

Powershell Sample scripts

All Configuration is done in the Configuraiton.ps1 file that all the other scripts use so we only need to configure this once.

Powershellscript config

This makes it really easy to include in a Task Sequence as shown below.


Why use a webservice? Well we move the logic to the Server side which makes our OSD much more stable and less latency sensitive when you run scripts against the Configuration Manager server in a Task Sequence. We don’t have to open all more than port 443/80 from clients to the server as we don’t run any scripts in the Task sequence just calls a webservice.

As I wrote before the download includes complete documentation so check it out when you downloaded it on how to get started!


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