Configuration Manager OSDBackground

There are many solutions out there for setting the OSD background to show progress during OS deployment. My college Johan Schrewelius at Onevinn has written a great one that shows:

  • Time elapsed
  • Host information
  • Current OSD Step
  • Custom background
  • Yes, it works in full OS in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 as well.
  • Password Protected debug mode!!
  • Customizable colors
  • Easy configuration in a .xml file.


It has a password protected debug mode for accessing Task Sequence variables, CMtrace, SMSTS.log and Command Prompt. If you haven’t turned of F8 Support in your boot image, it is time to do so now! It is accessed by Right-Clicking the upper left corner.



In the Task Sequence, we simply add a step that executes OSDBackground and which step number it is. As shown below.


It requires minimal configuration as everything is configured using a .xml file, it does require .NET framework and Powershell support in the Boot image so it needs to be added under optional components. The steps shown in the background is easily added modified, colors, debug password as well.

OSDBackground confguration

It can be downloaded from Technet Galleries, both the binaries and complete documentation on how to use it:
Onevinn – Applications (

Great work Johan!!


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