Enable App-V and UE-V during OSD in Windows 10 1607

In Windows 10 1607 App-V and UE-V are built-in natively in the Operating System (Not in Pro) and no additional setup needs to be run anymore, this is awesome! Both App-V and UE-V can be enabled using a Group Policy or by using the following Powershell commands, Enable-Appv and Enable-UEV.

In some scenarios especially for App-V we need to enable it during OSD in our Task Sequence so that we can install App-V applications before the Group Policies are applied.

This is really simple we use just use the Powershell to activate it. If we want to enable both App-V and UE-V we use the following command

powershell.exe -NoProfile -Command “&{ Enable-Appv; Enable-Uev }”

activate App-V for instance using the following command:

powershell.exe -NoProfile -Command Enable-Appv

The Run Command Line Step must run after the Setup Windows and Configuration Manager step as shown below.

Task Sequence Step

If we then use the command prompt after that step to check the App-V status, it is now enabled.

App-v during OSD

In many scenarios and solutions, we use a single Task Sequence to deploy multiple Windows Versions in these scenario the following WMI query can be used to only run the command on Windows 10 1607, select * from Win32_OperatingSystem where BuildNumber = “14393” as shown below.

Conditions using buildnumber

This really makes our life simpler!


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