Removing/blocking the Connect app in Windows 10 1607

I have written posts both about how to uninstall builtin apps in Windows 10 using Powershell and how to block them with Applocker before so this is just a note that you will need to use Applocker once more.
Now that Windows 10 1607 is here we have a new app called “Connect” which we cannot uninstall much like the Contact Support app.


The connect app turns your PC into a Miracast Receiver , which can be useful but not really in an enterprise.

If we try to uninstall it, we get the following message, that it is part of the Operating System and cannot be removed.

Remove Connect

We can block it using Group Policy as I have described before with the Contact Support app and Microsoft Feedback app.

If you are doing that already we only need to edit the Group Policy and add the following app as well. In the Group Policy add a new Package app rule for the Connect app

So we end up with the following rules together with the Contact Support app and Feedback app as I have in my Group Policy since Windows 10 1507 and 1511.


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