Disabling Windows Defender what’s new in Windows 10 1607

Windows defender has become even better in the Windows 10 1607 release which is great! But it has also added a first-run dialog for each user that launches the Windows Defender UI.
Defender 1607

This is kind of annoying as it doesn’t check i the settings are already configured and a normal user doesn’t have permissions to turn it on as it requires local admin permissions. So after a little Regshot usage, the registry value that is set after you press close is the following: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows Defender\UIFirstRun with a value of 0.
Defender1So by using a script or a Group policy preference as shown below we can disable that end-user dialog. I haven’t found it in the group policy settings for Windows 10 1607 which I think it actually should have been. Enterprises will want to turn this of. Defender2I hope that can be useful!


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