Disable Welcome to Microsoft Edge page and default browser prompt in Windows 10 1607

Another post of mine on how to make Windows 10 1607 handle the way I like in an Enterprise is now live on the 4Sysops website.

Many enterprises would like to control and remove such notifications because they can confuse users and trigger unnecessary help desk calls. At the time of this writing, no Edge setting or Group Policy exists that allows admins to remove the Edge welcome page. Thus, I decided to dig in to how we can stop the page from showing.
Edge Welcome Page

It ended up being an Active Setup as the registry keys are not present when the user logons the first time, a user would hit the welcome page if they launch Microsoft Edge without login in/out once. I tried creating the whole structure but that didn’t feel right and could probably be something that bites back as that is for all modern apps and Microsoft Edge seemed to hang for me afterwards.

I hope it is useful!

Read the full post here:


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