What is new in ConfigMgr 1607 Technical Preview

I just had to write this post as one of my User-voice items for Configuration Manager and favorite new feature is included in this release, the Company Logo is now displayed in end-user dialogs and Software Center.

What is new in Configuration Manager 1607 Technical Preview, you can read the full list here: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/enterprisemobility/2016/07/29/update-1607-for-configuration-manager-technical-preview-available-now/ but basically it is four things:

  • Customizable branding for end-user dialogs, this is so great! we get the same Company logo displayed in for instance restart dialogs as in Software center, defined in the Intune Subscriptions as we have done for mobile devices before.16073
    Configured under Intune Subscription, Company Logo 16074
  • Manage duplicate hardware identifiers, Makes it possible to add Mac or SMBIOS number under Hierarchy settings to exclude them from PXE Boot and Client Registration. It sure beats the hacks we had to do before!! Awesome! I really would still like a switch to ignore MAC address totally but this is really good!
  • Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) connector, Syncs data to OMS, I haven’t had the time to test it out yet.
  • Windows 10 Edition Upgrade, makes it possible yo upgrade Windows 10 from Pro to Enterprise without media! Great!
    UPDATE: The client setting below is not the place where we configure it.16071
    Update: the client setting screen shown below doesn’t seem to do anything, it should be the already existing dialog that is under Compliance Settings and Windows 10 Edition Upgrade that should be used. However it is not working for me, troubleshooting it now, will update the post again.
    I will continue my testing of Configuration Manager 1607 all night, let’s see if there are more new features!

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