ConfigMgr CB 1602 Windows 10 Servicing feature updated

In Configuration Manager CB 1511 the Windows 10 Servicing feature was introduced which gives us a great view of the Windows 10 versions used in our environment and a tool to schedule the updates of Windows 10 versions.


What is happeing when we create Service Plans is basically an ADR which deploys the Windows Upgrade packages according to the Service Plan. In 1511 there was an issue that all Windows 10 versions where downloaded when the ADR ran, there are some workarounds like blocking the non wanted versions of Windows 10 using the WSUS Console. This is now fixed in 1602, there is a new option to filter out which versions of Windows 10 we want to deploy.

The new step in 1602 is Upgrades it didn’t exist in 1511. In my case i select “Swedish” and “Enterprise,” using the “,” to filter out the Enterprise N version which I don’t want to download or deploy.


The preview feature is great! using it we can make sure only the Windows 10 versions we want to deploy will be downloaded and used.
Windows10Servicing3If you haven’t tried the new Windows 10 servicing feature before it is time to start now.
The new update model of Configuration Manager is great, fixing issues and adding feature faster than ever before!!


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