Building new boot images with the hotfix for WinPe based on 10.0.10586

The fix for the refresh scenario that doesn’t work with ADK 10586 that I blogged about a while ago which has been a pain for many of us got a fix last week, Really great! ­čśÇ ­čśÇ

I realized that I have many environments to create new boot images and apply the hotfix in so I wrote two simple .cmd files to create them for me, so I thought I would share them here as well. The .CMD file is a combination of the instruction for how to apply the hotfix and the great blog post by Brandon which can be found here:

Both of the .cmd files can be downloaded here:Download

A short how to create new boot images using WinPE 10.0.15086

1. If you are using an older ADK uninstall it on the Primary Site Server.

2. Download and install the new version of the ADK

3. Reboot the Site Server

4. Download the .cmd files from the link above

5. Download the ADK hotfix from the link:

6. Create a folder, example D:\Temp\ADKHotfix

7. Extract the Hotfix and the .CMD files to that directory.

8. Check the two .dat files for any alternate stream according to the KB article.

9. Edit the .cmd files so that it has the correct path’s for your environment, change the path to the ADK and the Mount folder to be used by DISM.


10. Open the “Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment” command prompt

11. Execute the .cmd file for the architecture that you want to create a boot image for and you are done!

BootImageADKhotfix2Then you go and grab a “Configuration Manager cup of coffee” as a customer once called it.. and when you return you have a new fixed Boot Image that can be imported in Configuration Manager.

Hope it is helpful!


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