How to disable the Windows 10 1511 default printer feature

In Windows 10 1511 there is a new feature which is enabled by default, “Let Windows Manage my default printer“. This setting will make the last printer you used the default printer.


Update: In Windows 10 1607 there is a new user group policy setting to turn this feature of called “Turn off Windows default printer management” under Control Panel\Printers

At many customers this is not a wanted scenario so here is the registry key you need to change to turn it off.

HKEY_Current_User\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\LegacyDefaultPrinterMode Dword: 0x00000001

Easiest way is to use a User  Group Policy preference with the following settings:


When searching for registry settings I tend to use Regshot to find them, easy to use, nothing to install. Works great!

Happy printing!


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