Hotfix KB3122637 delivered using “Updates and Servicing” feature in ConfigMgr 1511

One of the big new features in Configuration Manager CB – 1511 is the “Updates and Servicing” feature where new versions of Configuration Manager and updates will be published making it really easy to install a new build of Configuration Manager. Yesterday the hotfix that was published KB3122637 – “FIX: Mobile devices aren’t listed in System Center Configuration Manager” and it is the first one to use the new “Updates and Servicing” feature in Configuration Manager 1511. It will only be advertised if the hotfix is applicable, in this case if you have the Exchange Connector deployed.

When you launch the Admin Console you are greated by this message:


When we go the Updates and Servicing node we see the new update as available.

We have two options available either “Install Update Pack” or “Run Prerequisite check” when we select the update.
In production, always run the prerequisite check before installing to make sure there are no issues. When the preq check has completed we can select “Show Status” and we can see this view.
ConfigMgr1511_H4If we then select “Show Status” once again we can see some more detailed information.


We can the go back and select to install the update package.


We are then prompted with the following dialogs





We can then track the installation using the CMUpdate.log file as we will loose connection with the console so the status viewer there will not be usable until the Site is up and running again.


As this update didn’t contain any client update we are now finished. The procedure is the same as for a new version of Configuration Manager CB, if you check the CMUpdate.log file you can see that it skipped updating the database as there where no database upgrades to perform.

This is a great step moving to Configuration Manager as a Service! Easy to update and a really nice experience as well!!

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