Configuration Manager TP 1602 – “Sync Policy”

Yesterday Configuration Manager Technical Preview – 1602 was released, the installation worked great!! One of the most useful features so far is that we now have a “Sync Policy” button in the new Software Center UI. I am extra excited about this as I filed a Uservoice item for a while back and finally seeing it in the product is really cool and proves that the Uservoice is important and that Microsoft delivers from the suggestions you place there and vote for.

I cannot remember how many times I have written scripts to be placed in the Start Menu for the end users that triggers a Machine/user policy refresh. Great that it is now in the product.

So how does it look then? Where is it?
It is under Options, Computer Maintenance in Software center.


So the user can easily be instructed to find it by the ServiceDesk for instance. Remember it triggers both a Machine policy evaluation cycle and a User policy evaluation cycle.
I think this kind of enhancements are great!
We need to focus more on the end-user experience that is the most important thing we have, the End user Experience is king!

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