Removing the Edge icon from the Taskbar during OSD

This one isn’t pretty but it does work just fine. One of the most common questions I get when we do Windows 10 projects are how to modify the taskbar and to be more specific remove the Edge icon. The configuration of the Taskbar is stored in a big blob in the registry so what I simply do is modify the taskbar as I want it and then export the registry key and the files needed as well.

The script can be downloaded here:

It consists of two different scripts as the Taskbar is per-user I use a .CMD file to copy all the files needed locally and then add a Runonce command to the default user profile so that the Taskbar is imported once for each user when the profile is created.

Couldn’t this be done in the default user profile? No, as the Edge icon is added as well when the user profile is created. I will post later in the week how to export/import a Custom Taskbar to add the IE icon instead of the Edge icon.

To implement it:

  1. Download the file above and extract it and place it in your Package Source structure, the content of the file looks like this.
    The .cmd file will copy the following files to C:\Windows\ManageTaskbar where the Runonce command will run the Powershell script from.
  2. And then create a Package in Configuration Manager without a program and add use the folder created with the files as package source and distribute it to your DP’s.
  3. In your Task Sequence add the taskbar.cmd command using the Run Command Line task.
  4. Then you are ready to test it out.

The script will import the registry file, copy the ManageTaskBar folder and then restart the Explorer process so that the users TaskBar is updated. The Powershell windows will show for 2 seconds, this can be solved in different way’s like calling the Powershell script using a Vbscript.

In my deployment the TaskBar will look like this with some help from Group Policies after the script is implemented.


I hope it is useful! I will post an how-to later in the week on how to use the same scripts to import a Custom Taskbar with an IE icon as well.


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