Windows 10 ADK 10.0.10586 solves the Powershell/.Net bug in WinPE.

Earlier this week the new ADK 10, 10.0.10586 was released or made available on Microsoft Download. I downloaded it as I and many others have had some issues with .Net applications and Powershell scripts in WinPE on X64 UEFI Machines when PXE booting them and the new ADK solves that problem 😀 More on the Powershell / .NET error below.

Warning!! The New ADK 10.0.10586 when used with Configuration Manager 2012 SP2 / R2 SP1 crashes in WinPE when you do a refresh/installation from within Windows See separate blog post in this.

When running either Powershell  or .Net applications in WinPE from ADK 10 (10240), the Task Sequence will fail:



With the following error in the SMSTSL.log file,

Failed to run the action: SetError.

Recursion too deep; the stack overflowed. (Error: 800703E9; Source: Windows)

It only happens when you PXE boot a X64 UEFI Computer and run as I wrote above run either Powershell or .NET applications in WinPE.

The good news is that it is solved in the updated ADK 10.0.10586 that was made available a couple of days ago. So if you run in to this error make sure you upgrade the ADK to at least 10.0.10586


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