Standalone Intune and Safari on iOS in Kiosk mode

I had a scenario at a customer where I needed to set and iOS device in Kiosk Mode with the only allowed app, the Safari browser. Currently in Microsoft Intune Standalone when you select Kiosk Mode you have to select either a Managed App or a Store App when you select the Kiosk Mode option.

Let’s start with the background. To be able to set an iOS device in Kiosk Mode you need to configure it to “supervised mode” which have to be done with the Apple Configurator on an computer running OS X. When the device is in supervised mode enroll it in Intune as you normally would with any device, then we can configure Kiosk mode using Intune.

Create an iOS Configuration Policy with the following settings.

1. Create a new “iOS Configuration Policy”

2.  Enable the “Select a managed app that will be allowed to run when the device is in Kiosk mode:” if you browse you have to select either an application in the App Store or a managed app that you have deployed (.ipa). Instead of browsing simply type “”, then Safari is the app that will be allowed to run in Kiosk mode and no one else. You can also turn off/control if you want to allow screen rotation and so on in the options below.
iOS_Safari13. Save the policy and deploy it to a group, in my scenario a group called “kiosk”



4. As soon as the policy is applied Safari will be launched on the iPad and you cannot close it or do anything else than browse the web using Safari.

If you want it out of Kiosk mode you can do any of these things:

  • Choose to Retire it using the Intune console, it will be removed from Intune if you choose this option.
  • Delete the deployment of the policy that has set it in Kiosk mode
  • Delete it from the group where the policy is applied.


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