Changing startup to Automatic on the SCCM Remote Control Service

One thing that many of my customers both Servicedesk staff, Support staff and administrators complain about with Configuration Manager 2012 Remote Tools is that the client service is set to Automatic (Delayed Start) when installed per default.

When remote controlling a user’s machine and a reboot is necessary, the service doesn’t start immediately and it feels like it takes forever for them to able to remote control the computer again.

Changing the startup to Automatic instead of Automatic (Delayed Start) can be done using a Group Policy and a Group Policy Preference setting. Under Services add the SCCM Remote Control Service and change the startup to “Automatic”



When the Group policy preference is applied, the service startup is changed. Have run it as Automatic for more than a year now, works great.


Next question would be:
“Doesn’t the sccm client remediation task that runs on the clients change it back to “Automatic (Delayed Start)?”
No it doesn’t, actually it will however change it back to “Automatic” if you set it to “Automatic” before setting it to “Disabled” and then run the CCMEval task, so it will work just fine.

Next Question: “Is it supported?”
I guess that could be debated 😉

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