Resources for evaluating / demoing Intune MDM

I thought I would share how I demo Microsoft Intune and management of devices as it hard to display some devices in a Lync call or in a conference room, and it is heavy to carry all that hardware with you ­čśë


Option 1: for testing Android I use Genymotion which is a Android Emulator that is free for personal use. It uses VirtualBox seamless in the background and runs Andorid virtual on top of Virtualbox. You can download Android images for Samsung Galaxy S4 with Andorid 4.4, Nexus and a lot more. It also has support for Android 5.x.
Genymotion1 To be able to enroll it Google Play must be working on the virtual Android device, here is a blog post on how to enable it

After that you can just fire up you Android device and enroll it in Intune.

Option 2: You can also use x86 Android from , good thing is that it runs on Hyper-V and that the Google Apps are preinstalled. Downside is that now the latest version available is 4.4 r2. So for Android 5.x I use Genymotion.

Option 3: Reflector 2 as I describe later can also emulate a Chromecast so you can use that to mirror the screen fo your physical device to your Windows computer, works great with Windows 10 as well!

iOS, For iOS I have used iTools before but it doesn’t work that well with iOS 8.2 anymore so I reverted back to using the Reflector application instead which makes you PC a Airplay device so you can simply use Airplay on you iOS device and select to mirror the screen of your PC. Works really well.
One note though, if you are using guest wireless network it is not always that they allow peer-to-peer connections so I use a small 4G wifi pocket router so I know it works.

Windows Phone, Windows Phone is somewhat easier as in Visual Studio Express 2013 with Update or later you can choose to install the Windows Phone 8.1 emulator as well. . The Windows Phone 8.1 emulators uses Client-Hyper-V in the background so it cannot run on the same machine as Virtual box and Genymotion, here is one solution that can be used from Scott Hanselman to add a boot option to your Windows 8.1 and choose Hyper-V or VirtualBox.

Happy Intune testing!!

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