Sessions not to miss during TechED 2014 in Barcelona

Sessions not to miss during TechED 2014 in Barcelona. After the Keynote there are foundational sessions which will go deeper into each of the topics demoed/presented during the keynote.

My problem this year is that there are so much great content, I want to attend both of these two foundational sessions. Lucky me that they will be available on Channel 9 afterwards J

–          Windows 10: What’s in it for the Enterprise?

–          Empowering Enterprise Mobility

Breakout sessions during the week.

There are many great sessions during the week I will list some of the ones I will attend that is related to Enterprise Client Management in some way. There are so many great looking Windows 10 sessions, it is going to be a great week!

–          EM-B210 – Hybrid Identity with Active Directory, Microsoft Identity Manager and Microsoft Azure Active Directory

–          WIN-B335 – Windows 10: User Experience

–          EM-B216 – Enterprise Client Management with System Center Configuration Manager and Intune

–          WIN-B324 – Real-World Windows Deployment: Notes from the Field

–          WIN-B336 – Windows 10: Disrupting the Revolution of Cyber-Threats with Revolutionary Security

–          EM-B326 – What’s New and Upcoming with OS Deployment in System Center Configuration Manager and the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

–          WIN-B338 – Windows 10: Deployment

–          EM-B316 – Directory Integration: Creating One Directory with Active Directory and Azure Active Directory

–          EM-B321 – Infrastructure Deployment for Mobile Device Management with System Center Configuration Manager

–          WIN-B331 – Windows 10: Overview

–          WIN-B337 – Windows 10: The End Game for Passwords and Credential Theft

–          EM-B312 – Mobile Application Management with Intune

–          WIN-B339 – Windows 10: Protecting Your Data with Containers Without Boxing Yourself In

–          WIN-B334 – Windows 10: Management

–          EM-B317 – Configuring Corporate-Owned Mobile Devices with Intune

So much great content, and remember it will be available on Channel 9!

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