Must have tool! Remote Manage App by Cireson

A new tool for us Configuration Manager Admins is now available, Remote Manage App provided to the community for free by Cireson. A really awesome tool that will make you cry tears of happiness when you launch it and start to play around with it. In two words, Freaking Awesome!!

Wally Mead or the “Godfather” of SMS/SCCM as some like to call him joined Cireson a while ago, and my bet is that he have been deeply involved in the creation of this tool because it contains almost all the features that you need to do your daily administration of you Configuration Manager Client environment.

Thank you Cireson and Wally (i assume!)

You can download the tool from this page:

Feature list:

  • Add or remove clients from device collections
  • Run Configuration Manager Client actions remotely
  • Interact with Applications, Packages in Software Center, and installed applications
  • Interact with Software Updates deployed from SCCM. Requires SUP to be enabled at the Configuration Manager site
  • Interact with processes, services, printers
  • Remote shutdown/reboot commands
  • View remote Computer Management, Event Viewer, and Users & Groups
  • Start RDP, Remote Control, or Remote Assistance sessions
  • Evaluate Group Policy results (RSoP)
  • Start WMI health validation & repair
  • WOL capabilities
  • View computer information compiled from Configuration Manager and the remote client


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