Software Updates OS deployment and Unknown Computers

This topic is not new but it has been asked a lot lately on the forums so a post is in order.

To use the “Install Software updates” step in a Task Sequence to install Software updates requires that the computer that is being deployed/reimaged is a member of one or more collections with the updates that should be installed deployed to it.

There are two options for the “Install Software Updates Step”:

Mandatory Software Updates = This naming is perhaps not really clear as in Configuration Manager 2012 Software Updates are deployed as “Required”. This option will install all updates deployed to the computer as required.

All Software Updates = this option will install all Software Updates that are deployed to the computer as “Available”

What if I am using Unknown Computer support to install my clients? In that scenario you have two options:

  • Deploy all the “Software Update Groups” to the “Unknown Computers” collection. This option will require you to deploy all updates multiple times which is not fun.
  • Include the two “Unknown Computer”(one for x86 and one for x64) objects in your normal Collection that you use to deploy Software Updates.
    Capture1This is a much better option which doesn’t require multiple deployments of all Software Update Groups

Also check out this KB article, for an issue with deploying Software Updates during a Task Sequence that requires multiple reboots.


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