Signing the Intune Company Portal app – Windows Phone 8

Management of Windows Phone 8 through Configuration Manager 2012 R2 + Intune requires that you download and sign the Company Portal app using a Symantec code signing cert. There is a trial kit available so that you can perform a proof concept or test implementation but that is only for trial implementations. The guide on how to sign the company portal app on Technet is really good

Two lessons learned:

  • When you order the Symantec certificate make sure that you remember which computer, user account and browser you used as the same needs to be used again to download the certificate when the order is processed and the certificate can be downloaded.
  • When signing the Company Portal (SSP.xap) we got an error “Invalid Characters in path”, the solution was found in this Technet forum post thanks for that! 😀
    The documentation for signing the app contains the following syntax: “XapSignTool.exe sign /f codesign.pfx /p P@ssw0rd companyportal.xap” as described here:

    The syntax that worked for us was the one from the post above: XapSignTool.exe sign /SignTool “C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\bin\x86″ /f codesign.pfx /p P@ssw0rd companyportal.xap”

Have a great System Center day!

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