Importing reports in ConfigMgr 2012 R2 / Reporting Services

I have gotten a number of requests for some reports in ConfigMgr 2012 which I wrote for ConfigMgr 2007. Finally time to get around to do it. To start of I wrote this little guide for how to import a Configuration Manager 2012 Report using Report Builder. It is not really as simple as in Configuration Manager 2007 but much more powerful.

To import a report download an .RPL file like this one which I will write about in the next post (it requires ConfigMgr 2012 R2): Computers with a specific file per Collection

1. Browse to the Reporting Services webpage, by default http://server/reports as a user with permissions to edit reports.
2. Select Upload file

3. Browse to the file you want to upload and enter a friendly name to be shown in Reporting Services for the report.


4. Select “Edit in Report Builder” for the newly uploaded report.

5. Select “Add Data Source” as we need to change the data source to the on in the target environment.


6. The data source can be created from the configuration file in the root of the Configuration Manager reporting folder. Select “Browse”

7. Select the Data Source file available in the Configuration Manager reports root folder.

8. Delete the old data source that was in the report when it was imported.

9. To update the different Datasets used in the report with the new data source, select Dataset properties and then simply click OK.


10. Select OK and repeat it for all the Datasets.

Then the report is ready to be run and tested!

Optional steps: If the report is an exported Configuration Manager 202 report with the System Center logo banner complete the following steps as well.

1. In the Report Builder tool, right click on the header which has a red x because the file is not found.

2. Change the path to the path in your Configuration Manager Reporting Services folder under “Report Resources”

3. Repeat the steps for all three of the files in the header and you are done!

Now the System Center logo will be correct as well in the report.

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