ConfigMgr 2012 R2 Toolkit – Collection Evaluation Viewer

With the release of Configuration Manager 2012 R2 Toolkit three new tools are included in the Toolkit! The toolkit can be downloaded here:

These are:

  • DP Job Manager
  • Collection Evaluation Viewer
  • Content Library Explorer

Collection Evaluation Viewer is a great addition, saving a lot of time when troubleshooting performance related issues and collection evaluation overall.
With Collection Evaluation Viewer you can see the different queues that are used for Collection Evaluation as displayed below including some valuable information like member changes, Last evaluation time and Run Time which can be used to troubleshoot performance related issues and bad queries.

Collection Evaluator Viewer_2You can also see each individual Queue as well which is great, Incremental updates is something that is asked for a lot, how many can we have without affecting collection evaluation.
This is a great tool for that as well here you can see how many collections which have incremental updates enabled in your environment. According to Technet the supported/recommended limit is 200 but normally you can have more than that, using this tool it is much easier to detect when you are getting close to that limit.

Collection Evaluator Viewer

    DP Job Manager
    Collection Evaluation Tool
    Content Library Explorer

    This is a tool that I will use a lot to troubleshoot and use to find performance bottlenecks! Much easier than reading the colleval.log file to achieve the same.

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