Tips when building images with ConfigMgr 2012

I build my master images either in ConfigMgr or MDT depending on customer demands and resources available. When building them in Configuration Manager 2012 there are some things that are good to know, which basically is the same as when you manage Workgroup Computers as they aren’t members of the domain at that stage.

1. As the client is not member of the AD and therefore cannot query the AD for an MP you must point to the MP during the “Setup Windows and Configuration Manager” step using the point to the Management Point for the site.

Setup Windows and configMgr2. I normally import the virtual computer I am using to build the image from. If the build fails (which tends to happen now and then, when changes are made) You get an error that no Task sequences are assigned to this computer:
No Task SequenceI have seen many times on the forums questions about if the computer must be deleted and imported again to be able to run a second time. This is not the case, as I wrote above the client in this scenario is a Workgroup Client and therefor not automatically approved which is visible in the console if you add the Column “Approved”

Approve Client

So simply approving it will solve the problem and the client will be able to run the Task Sequence again.
ApproveYou could also change the Hierarchy Setting and change the approval behavior but that would seem a little unnecessary if you don’t manage Workgroup Computers.

Automatic Approval1
3. The third can actually be solved in two ways, either make sure that the DNS Domain Name (15) in DHCP is used and contains the correct DNS Domain name or make sure to use FQDN in the server name in the “Capture Reference Computer” step. It is really irritating when the Image build fails on the last step 🙁

Capture3I hope this will save someone out there a little time!

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