Multiple SMS Providers and MDT integration error

In Configuration Manager 2012 you can have multiple SMS Providers to achieve a higher availability and load balancing. This is a really great new feature!
I ran into this little challenge yesterday, when we moved the SQL database to a SQL Cluster and installed a second SMS Provider in the site to achieve high availability. We installed the ADK as it is a documented pre-req on Technet for the SMS Provider role.

When the Admin console connected using the newly installed SMS Provider we got this error as soon as you try to edit a Task Sequence which uses the MDT integration:

Multiple_SMS_ProvWe resolved this by installing the same version of MDT as we use on the Primary Site server on the server  with the newly added SMS Provider role installed on it and ran the “Configure MDT Integration” utility on that server as well.

After that all the errors are gone and the newly installed SMS Provides works just fine even when editing Task Sequences with the MDT integration installed.

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