Upgrading CM2012 SP1 Admin Console to CU1, Primary Site server as well

As I wrote in the previous blog post the AdminConsole on the Primary site server and CAS if that is used, is not updated automatically during the installation of CU1 for SP1. It is also noted in the CU1 KB: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2817245

The PowerShell changes that are referenced in this article are contained in the Administrator Console update (Adminconsole.msi). The Administrator Console update is not automatically installed on a site server when the cumulative update setup wrapper (Updatesetup.exe) runs. The wrapper creates an additional installation package and program that must be run to update the Administrator Console.”

Before the upgrade of the Admin Console the version number is: 5.0.07804.1000, this can be found under About in the upper left corner in the Admin Console.


During the installation of the CU1 update on the Primary site server, packages and programs are created to upgrade the different components,Clients, Admin Console and server updates, as shown below.


If you have the Configuration Manager 2012 client installed on the Configuration Manager 2012 Primary site server, then simply create a collection and deploy the “SP1 Cumulative update 1 – console update -xxx” package/program to the Pirmary Site Server and all clients with the Admin Console installed.

If you don’t manage your Primary Site server with Configuration Manager you can use the command line from the program to install the Admin Console Update.
“Msiexec.exe  /p configmgr2012adminui-sp1-kb2817245-i386.msp /L*v %temp%\configmgr2012adminui-sp1-kb2817245-i386.msp.log /q REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=mous”

The update can be found in the \\siteservername\SMS_xxx\hotfix\kb2817245\adminconsole\i386

After the upgrade the version number in the Admin Console has been updated to: 5.0.7804.1202 as shown below.



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