New Task Sequence Variable PostAction in ConfigMgr 2012 SP1

There are so many new cool features in Configuration Manager 2012 Service Pack 1. I have had the intention of doing a blog post series on news in Configuration Manager Service Pack 1 for many months now, but now I will finally start with it. I will not write about the big new features like MAC Support, Linux Support, Cloud DP, Pull DP, I will try to focus on the smaller but very useful new features.
There was a question asked on the forum on how to add a “true” restart in the end of a task sequence, which normally would have broken the task sequence, in ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 there is a new Task Sequence variable called SMSTSPostaction.
If you put a command in that variable it will be executed after the Task Sequence completes.
Think of the possibilities here, you could add your own custom script waiting for the Configuration Manager Client to be fully operational then trigger a script to install all applications available to the computer and display a message to the user that the computer is still not ready.
I will keep this simple and use the Shutdown.exe command in the example to force a “true” restart after the Task Sequence is complete. It can of course be used in custom task sequences as well.

It is so simple, create a  Task Sequence variable name it SMSTSPostaction and enter the command to execute, in this case “Shutdown /r ” which will restart the computer after 30 seconds.


Truly a small but great new feature.


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