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Did you know that you can multi-select topics in the Technet library and export it to a PDF in a very nice format, with table of content and chapters?It is extremely nice for viewing on a tablet on a plane for instance?

I found this nice little feature in the Technet Library which I didn’t have a clue that it was there, I am probably the last person noticing it but if you haven’t used it before you should try it out.

If you click on the Print/Export icon on the top right on Technet you can select the option “Print Multiple Topics”, then you will come to a help page which will help you get started.


After that you will get a new bar with options, where you can select Add this topic


If I select for instance news in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager what’s new i SP1 chapter and add it to the Server 2012 what is new I already selected before. And when you have added all the topics you want, Click on the “Collection” button.


Then you will come to a page where you can see which topics you have selected and which format you want the export in either HTML or PDF

printexport4The end result is amazing! A PDF that you can read on the plane or wherever you like!
Thank you Microsoft Technet for a great feature!!



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