Unattended installation of SCCM 2007 Admin Console including R3 & FEP

I wrote a post a while back on how to install the SCCM 2007 Admin Console including R3 and required hotfixes: https://ccmexec.com/2012/01/unattended-installation-of-sccm-2007-admin-console-including-r3/

In that post i also promised to write a post on how to install the SCCM 2007 Admin Console + R3 + FEP.
It turned out to be a bit of a challenge as the FEP installation is either 32 or 64 bit depending on the operating system you install the admin console on. After a re-write here is the updated script, I used the RTM version of FEP and included the Update Rollup 1 in the script, so if you are using the updated media remove the part in the script and the folder for the KB.

The script has been tested on Windows 7 32 & 64 bit, the SCCM console will be installed to “C:\program Files\Configuration Manager 2007” or “C:\program files(x86)\Configuration Manager 2007” depending on the operating system architecture.

To implement it the following steps are needed:

  1. Download the ZIP-file containing the script and folder structure: Adminconsole_sp2_r3
  2. Unzip the files and folder to a catalog which will be used as source folder.
  3. Copy the necessary source files to the different directories from the original media:
    adminconsooleinstall_FEP1 Tip: you can skip the “WAIK” folder in the Configuration Manager 2007 Sp2 source files, then you will save a lot of disk space.
  4. As the FEP files and updates are both 32 and 64 bits the FEP_Console folder is divided in a 32 and 64 bit folder:
  5. The same goes for the FEP Update rollup 1 update, although they are not named the same and can be placed int the same folder. The update can be downloaded here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2551095
  6. adminconsooleinstall_FEP5When all the source files are copied to their correct location, create a package using the folder created earlier with folder containing the “Install_FEP.vbs” as source folder.
  7. On the “Reporting” tab for the newly created package enter the below information, as the hotfix for SCCM 2007 R3 restarts many services including SMS Agent Host the script will generate a .MIF file which is the only way of reporting back that the installation was successful:
  8. Distribute the content to the DP’s
  9. Create a new program with the following command line “cscript.exe fep_install.vbs”
  10. Then advertise the program to a test collection and verify that everything is working as expected.

I hope it will be useful!

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