Running Configuration Manager 2012 Remote Control standalone

In some scenarios you may want for instance servicedesk or helpdesk personnel run the Configuration Manager 2012 Remote Control without having to install the Admin Console and grant them permissions to use the Admin Console when they really only need to run Remote Control.

Here is how to do it, the following files are needed.

From the directory where the AdminConsole is installed, example: E:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\bin\i386, copy the following files:

Remote1In the directory 0000409 you need one file as well.

Remote2Copy the whole directory with these files present to the computer you want to run Remote Control from so you have a folder structure like this:
RemoteControlAnd then simply launch the CmRcViewer.exe and you are good to go:


Important information, if you want the standalone Remote Viewer to report back to the SCCM Site Server which client is remote controlled and by who, you can add the registry value below on the client as well. Thanks to Luis Baños for the comment.

For 32 bits

“Server”=”Site Server Name”

For 64 bits
“Server”=”Site Server Name”

– Specifies the name of the site


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