Adding language support in ConfigMgr 2012 after installation

In some scenarios where you would install System Center 2012 Configuration Manager you install the languages you need, but when your company is expanding you will need to install additional languages. In ConfigMgr 2012 we don’t have any International Client Packs which was the case for earlier versions, instead the languages are selected and installed during setup.

So how do I add a new client language afterwards? Or add support for running the Configuration Manager Console in a different language? It is done by using the “Configuration Manager Setup” which can be found on the Start menu or by simply running install from the installation source.

When the setup starts select the “Perform site maintenance or reset this Site” in the following wizard you can then add languages as you need them.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Start Configuration Manager Setup either from the start menu or the installation source.
  2. Select the “Perform site maintenance or reset Site” optionAddlanguage_!
  3. Then you get the option to Modify language configuration, it is also here you can convert from an eval installation and enter a license.Addlanguage_2
  4. In the next dialog we need to either download the prerequisite files again or point to the directory where they where used for the intial installation of the Site Server.Addlanguage_3
  5. The next screen offers the option to server languages, here you can add language support for the Configuration Manager Console.Addlanguage_4
  6. Then we get to the dialog were we can add Client language support, in my case I want to add Swedish
  7. Then we are ready to complete the installation, Note: that a Site reset will occur
  8. Adding Swedish client language support took 8 seconds! 😀
    Addlanguage_7After the installation of the language support is done the ConfigMgr clients that should have the new updated language must have the client reinstalled. This can be done using any preferred client deployment method.

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