Prevent the monitor to enter power save during OSD

When you have a task sequence in SCCM with many steps the monitor goes into power save mode before the installation is complete. In some cases the end-user can believe that the computer installation is finished and closes the lid on the laptop and goes home and the OS installation fails. It is also really annoying when waiting for an installation is complete.

I use the following to simple steps in my Windows 7 deployment task sequence to prevent the computer monitor for entering power save.

The first step simple configures the current power scheme to not turn off the monitor when power is connected, this command must run after the “Setup Windows and ConfigMgr” step so that the computer has restart with the locally installed OS:


When the installation of the OS is complete i simply restore the Power Scheme back to default by running the following command. When the OS deployment is complete I simply configure the power option either by using Group policy Preferences or Configuration Manager.


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