Merging obsolete records in Configuration Manager 2007

When reinstalling a computer which is already present in Configuration Manager 2007 it sometime obsolete the existing client record specially when reinstalling it using PXE boot. When I wanted to use Direct Membership only in a project instead of using AD-groups for instance for targeting this became a major issue.

I then found this excellent script which merge conflicting records in SCCM it can be found here:!59A30145A64F8A9F!156.entry?wa=wsignin1.0

As the site has been down the script can be downloaded here:

The blog post tells to schedule it as a schedule task, but I love status filter rules, it is amazing what you can do with them, so I created a status filter rule which will trigger the script as soon as a duplicate record is created.
The status filter rule looks like this: MergeRecords

The only negative with this solution is that the advertisement history for the client is kept after a reinstallation which can be a bit confusing sometimes.

If you want to implement the script as a status filter rule, these are the steps:

  1. Download the script and place it in a folder on the Primary Site server in this example: “E:\sccmtools”
  2. Change the site settings to “Manually resolve conflicting records” under the Advanced tab in site properties in the SCCM Console.
  3. Create a new status filter rule with the following properties as displayed earlier:
    Message ID: 2642
  4. And on the next page select that it should “Run a Program” :  “cscript.exe E:\SCCMtools\merge.vbs”

Then you will not have any obsolete records in your SCCM site anymore.


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